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PLEASE NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE ''AS-IS''. UMD and the Amanda contributers are making this work available so that other people can use it. This software is in production use at a number of sites around the world, but we make no warranties that it will work for you. There is no free support available other than users helping each other on the amanda-users mailing list. Other support options can be found here.

Binary packages

To download Amanda binary packages (e.g. RPMs, debian packages, Win32 Windows client) for stable and beta versions for various distributions and source tarball please visit the following page:

Source packages

Amanda project is hosted at SourceForge. You can download the most recent release (source tarball) from this page, and both new and old releases (source tarball) can also be found on the sourceforge download page

Daily snapshots from all active branches are available from

Status Release Date CVS Subversion
tag branch tag branch
3.5.1 December 1 2017 amanda/tags/community_3_5_1 amanda/branches/3_5
3.5 June 8 2017 amanda/tags/community_3_5 amanda/branches/3_5
3.4.5 June 8 2017 amanda/tags/community_3_4_5 amanda/branches/3_4
3.4.4 May 3 2017 amanda/tags/community_3_4_4 amanda/branches/3_4
3.4.3 March 1 2017 amanda/tags/community_3_4_3 amanda/branches/3_4
3.4.2 January 31 2017 amanda/tags/community_3_4_2 amanda/branches/3_4
3.4.1 November 23 2016 amanda/tags/community_3_4_1 amanda/branches/3_4
3.4 October 18 2016 amanda/tags/community_3_4 amanda/branches/3_4
3.3.9 February 10 2016 amanda/tags/community_3_3_9 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.8 January 20 2016 amanda/tags/community_3_3_8 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.7p1 February 15 2015 amanda/tags/community_3_3_7p1 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.7 January 21 2015 amanda/tags/community_3_3_7 amanda/branches/3_3
required for perl 5.20
July 10 2014 amanda/tags/community_3_3_6 amanda/branches/3_3
do not works with perl 5.20
July 10 2014 amanda/tags/community_3_3_6 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.5 December 10 2013 amanda/tags/community_3_3_5 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.4 July 3 2013 amanda/tags/community_3_3_4 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.3 January 10 2013 amanda/tags/community_3_3_3 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.2 July 25 2012 amanda/tags/community_3_3_2 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.1 February 21 2012 amanda/tags/community_3_3_1 amanda/branches/3_3
3.3.0 June 2 2011 amanda/tags/3_3_0 amanda/branches/3_3
3.2.3 May 9 2011 amanda/tags/3_2_3 amanda/branches/3_2
3.2.2 March 10 2011 amanda/tags/3_2_2 amanda/branches/3_2
3.2.1 December 14 2010 amanda/tags/3_2_1 amanda/branches/3_2
3.2.0 October 18 2010 amanda/tags/3_2_0 amanda/branches/3_2
3.1.3 October 5 2010 amanda/tags/3_1_3 amanda/branches/3_1
3.1.2 August 12 2010 amanda/tags/3_1_2 amanda/branches/3_1
3.1.1 June 29 2010 amanda/tags/3_1_1 amanda/branches/3_1
3.1.0 May 28 2010 amanda/tags/3_1_0 amanda/branches/3_1
2.6.1p2 November 6 2009 amanda/tags/amanda261p2 amanda/branches/amanda-261
2.6.1p1 April 10 2009 amanda/tags/amanda261p1 amanda/branches/amanda-261
2.6.1 January 26 2009 amanda/tags/amanda261 amanda/branches/amanda-261
2.6.0p2 August 26 2008 amanda/tags/amanda260p2 amanda/branches/amanda-260
2.6.0p1 May 14 2008 amanda/tags/amanda260p1 amanda/branches/amanda-260
2.6.0 April 1 2008 amanda/tags/amanda260 amanda/branches/amanda-260
2.5.2p1 June 6 2007 amanda/tags/amanda252p1 amanda/branches/amanda-252
2.5.2 May 3, 2007 amanda/tags/amanda252 amanda/branches/amanda-252
2.5.1p3 February 6, 2007 amanda251p3 amanda-251-branch
2.5.1p2 November 9, 2006 amanda251p2 amanda-251-branch
2.5.1p1 September 27, 2006 amanda251p1 amanda-251-branch
2.5.1 September 5, 2006 amanda251 amanda-251-branch
2.5.0p2 May 8, 2006 amanda250p2 amanda-250-branch
2.5.0p1 April 28, 2006 amanda250p1 amanda-250-branch
2.5.0 March 23, 2006 amanda250 amanda-250-branch
2.4.5p1 October 25, 2005 amanda245p1 amanda-245-branch
2.4.5 April 20, 2005 amanda245 amanda-245-branch
Development snapshots Active Development amanda/trunk
3.3.0_beta1 March 31, 2011 amanda/tags/3_3_0beta1 amanda/branches/3_3

Latest Source

All modern development (since the 2.5.1 release) is in subversion. Prior revisions are available in CVS. Note that some old, unsupported Amanda releases are available from

Subversion Access

Amanda subversion repository is hosted at SourceForge.

Amanda Subversion tree access

Branch use in Amanda subversion tree

  • The tag in the above table will allow you to get the same source as the release.
  • The branch in the above table will allow you to get the most recent source for this branch, it include the fix since the release.
  • To check out a specific tag or branch:
  • svn co<tag_or_branch>
    eg. svn co

Git Access

The git repository at github is a mirror of the Subversion repository. The mirror polls periodically, so it may lag Subversion by a few hours. Several of the Amanda developers use git for day-to-day development, and github provides an easy way for new developers to get involved with Amanda.

CVS Access

Note that the Amanda CVS repository is no longer maintained. It is hosted at SourceForge. The CVS module name is: amanda

Amanda CVS tree access

Branch use in Amanda CVS tree

  • The tag in the above table will allow you to get the same source as the release.
  • The branch in the above table will allow you to get the most recent source for this branch, it include the fix since the release.
  • To check out a specific tag or branch:
  • cvs co -r <tag_or_branch> amanda;
    eg. cvs co -r amanda-251-branch amanda

Patches (Old)

Patches for 2.4.5 or prior releases